Poor Pujols Rolen Edmonds Walker must have pretty hurt feelings

Poor Pujols Rolen Edmonds Walker must have pretty hurt feelings.When Astros lineup presented, the Usual Suspects get loud cheers (Roger, Andy, Biggio, Bags) and of course, Galveston's own Brandon Backe, but the rookies, Burke, Taveras and replica Bedat 384.030.600 Ladie's watch Scott get happily welcomed, too.Carlos who? Good riddance and have fun in NY.Last year, it was Roy vs Kirk Rueter, who wins even though he sucks.This year, it's Roy vs Chris Carpenter, who wins?because he's good.

But it’s that when all the Philly fans boo Pat Burrell for existing, it might could confuse poor Wandy.The guys got a few days off because of the snow-out.Good thing too, because White and Wheeler needed the rest.And all yall do know that it is supposed to rain and be cold on Saturday and Sunday, right?And all yall know that closers like Bobby replica A Lange & Sohne 403.035 Men's watch Jenks and Huston Street and Chris Ray and BJ Ryan are blowing saves and Lidge and Wheeler aren’t the only ones, right? But Lidge is the only one who has lost his job so far.

—Brett “wife-beater” Myers is the ace: I mean pitcher, not hitter he has a hard time with hitting a moving object smaller than a woman’s face.He was 2 fer 63 last year and not much better the year before.this year, he’s 0-1 with a decent game against Atlanta and a bad game against the Marlins.vs Hou: replica A Lange & Sohne 310.025 Men's watch, 1.13 WHIP and a .228 ERAat CB Park:16-17 in 46 GS and 1 in relief with 3 CG and 1 SO: 50 HR, 81 BB, 225 K over 294.2 IP 4.43 ERA, 1.26 WHIP and a 255 BAA.—-And before I forget, Hunter Pence is 3 fer 19 with 3 walks, 3 RBI and no SB in 6 games.

Maybe it is a VERY good thing we didn't sign Jennings to an extension

Hmm.Maybe it is a VERY good thing we didn't sign Jennings to an extension before he even got here.Anyways, he will get an MRI tomorrow lets all hope he didn't tear anything you know what I mean…Hello Philadelphia!Where fans boo players who do NOT suck but are disliked anyway because they strike out or do not like to break their replica A Lange & Sohne 401.026 Men's watch faces open running into brick walls like a dumbass.Anyhow, we start out with a battle of aces Wandy will start against the Marlins on Monday.It’s not that the Marlins aren’t any good they most certainly are, but Wandy is jUust a little more likely than Roy to give up a few homers in teeny weeny lil CB Park.

He started 2 games, 5 IP each game, has a replica Longines L5.680.4.16.2 watch.I'm not gonna make any conclusions because I don't wanna jinx Wandy….(by the way, sorry this is late I forgot to post it last night)Paulino was Good.And Lousy.And unlucky.I suppose I should start with unlucky:1 CB Bucknor was the HP ump and he has an, um, uh, err-ratic strike zone, to put it mildly.2 Clank cost him two runs in the first.Paulino walked Coughlin, gave up a single to shallow right on Hanley Ramirez, then what SHOULD have been a shallow single to left to Cantu the Marlins 3B coach had stopped him at third, but when Clank let the ball, and I mean he let the ball clank off an EASY grounder and roll into the OF where he stopped bothering to chase it and let Bourn come all the way from center to get it in mid left field Coughlin and Ramirez scored and Cantu went to second.

He IS.Really.But Barry, roids or no roids, is flat out just unworldly and watching any other player just doesn't give the same breath holding excitement with each pitch, even a BP pitch…but anyway,Maybe only about 1 4 full when pre-game ceremonies start, with members of all the Armed Forces presenting the flag and the Fort Hood band playing.Neal replica Bedat 334.010.301 Ladie's watch McCoy, country music singer, sings the National Anthem never knew he was an Astros fan and veterans who received Purple Hearts throw out the first balls.When the Cardinals lineup presented, Julian Taveras (remember him gave up HR to Beltran, throws tantrum like 2 year old being told NO, breaks hand beating up dougout phone) gets the loudest boos.

a little discussion by email with this guy about Brad Lidge and looked back through my old scorebook

You talk about the little engine that said I think I can, I think I can…I was having, um, a little discussion by email with this guy about Brad Lidge and looked back through my old scorebook and my blog.Turned out I had forgotten ALL about this, but Brad and had a sore something or other in his arm late June early July 2005.And if you check his replica A Lange & Sohne 101.032 Men's watch stats August Sept, you will see he started giving up more walks than he had before, and going to more 3-2 counts than he had before.AND I also had forgotten that Brandon Backe was having “elbow discomfort” back then too.

Last year, Mama and I went to Opening Day re-read my entry from Baseball Musings, and I remembered that the place was almost full for batting practice.(Of course, last year, it was Barry and the Giants) There was this electricity in the air, we replica Bedat 388.010.101 Men's watch ALL thought that THIS is the year we gonna win it all.This year, for BP, there are maybe 5000 people, and NO ONE thinks we gonna win AT all, let alone?IT all.

This year, Mama has bought the tickets, so we have expensivo field level seats down the third base line and Husband is home watching the Baylor Lady Bears (that boy will do just about ANYTHING for an excuse to not get out of his chair just kidding he's a HUGE fan of girls' hoops) and the kids, almost 3, so still free, get to go to their first Opening Day.Chatting with other fans everyone saying that it's great we playin all the kids (Taveras, Scott and Lane not a kid, but about time he's startin) so they learn so we'll be better next year.Watching BP Pujols, who should finally get his first MVP he is a replica Bedat 304.011.310 Ladie's watch player.

throws three straight Ks and Walker Ks for the third time tonight

But then Brad settles down, throws three straight Ks and Walker Ks for the third time tonight.Pujols GO and Rolen pops to Ensberg and replica Bedat 308.011.109 Ladie's watch !Well, what to think?1) about leadoff Everett went 2 fer 5 (oh yeah, Rolen's error, and it WAS an error even though it was changed to a hit and THIS is why I don't pay no nevermind to the error category) NO walks, and saw only 10 pitches in those 5 PA NOT good for leadoff.NO SB, either.Ensberg saw 20 pitches 4 AB, went 3 fer 3 with a walk.REAL good.-Everyone talkin bout Willy T leadin off.10 pitches in 4 AB, no walks again, 2 fer 4.

Not exactly much better, hunh?2) fielding Everett ROOLZ, Ensberg looks MUCH more comfortable out there and is the good plays, the routine plays and the throws are accurate.Biggio looks like his old self, and all 3 guys in the OF look great.3) hitting well, Luke Scott needs to just relax. Ensberg did great today, Biggio he likey the replica Bedat 334.011.100 Ladie's watch.Bagwell's swing don't look no different to me.Jason Lane is a welcome sight.I know Ausmus hit .390 in spring training, but the season has begun too bad, hunh….And we left 11 MOB NOT good.Did you know -Craig Biggio hits and throws right handed, but he writes left handed.Barry Bonds hits and throws left handed, but he writes right handed.Anyone know why?

Not to mention all the times he has a L or a ND because he pitched magnificently and got zero run support.As a wise man once said, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes your fielders are like whatshisname the Mets OF in” Men in Black” where he just stares at the UFO and doesn't notice the baseball flying at his head.I'll take the replica Longines L4.774.4.27.6 watch don't get me wrong.But fact is that the guys are still not hitting worth a darn and everyone not named Michael Bourn thinks that taking a walk/not swing at crap is the equivalent of a penis/testicles shrinking procedure…sighTonight, it's Wandy (who better get his delivery fixed and that Curve working) vs a guy just called up,?righty?Chris Jakubauskas.


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This is really a picture of an older Oceanus by Casio that features an atomic solar powered movement.This watch is alright, but what they've coming in mid 2007 is what I really want to see.If you go to the Oceanus website you can see a picture of the Oceanus Black Ion Plated Titanium Atomic 5 Motor Solar Chrono with a 27 city replica Longines L2.643.4.73.4 Men's watch world timer, stopwatch, alarm and 5 motors. The new Oceanus 5 Motor watch in Black Ion Titanium will be $900 and I believe it'll be worth every single penny.

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